Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kaden's First Baseball Game

Yesterday we took Kaden to his first baseball game. We got to see the Astros play the Pirates. We went early to see batting practice and hopefully see some players up close. We got lucky and Kaden actually got an autograph from Junction Jack (the mascot) :) and Jason Castro (one of the catchers). After batting practice we headed over to our seats that were AWESOME. We were on row 19 right by 3rd base and behind the Pirates dugout. We had a few game balls come our way and one of them the guy sitting right in front of me caught. He actually gave it to Kaden! It was so sweet of him and it totally made Kaden's day... he was really excited. THEN our row ended up winning the Taco Bell gift card give away and we got to be on the big screen. To top it all off the Astros won the game!! Kaden had such a great time cheering for them and he LOVED watching the big train in the park move everytime we got a homerun and when we won the game. Amazingly Kaden made it through 2 hours of batting practice and 9 innings and was still in a great mood. It was a wonderful night. I have no idea how we will ever be able to top it!

PaPa, Daddy and Kaden ready to see some BASEBALL!!

Such a big boy

Pretending to be one of the players

Kaden getting his ball signed by Junction Jack

And Jason Castro

Time for the game to start!

Yummy nachos

The sweet guy who gave Kaden his ball

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